Export Market Insights


Export Market Insights (EMI) is a collaborative development between FIAL and the Institute for Supply Chain and Logistics (ISCL).

EMI’s purpose is to enhance the web-based facilities for Australian food and beverage business. It provides access to market data, information and insights which will aid decisions relating to food products and Asian target markets.

Please select one the following four EMI services: 


This service provides web links to sources of important data and information (e.g., export market data, economic and demographic conditions, market characteristics, and trade support services).  


This service provides added value information and insights for food products into Asian target countries (e.g., market shares, trends and forecast, competing countries and market assessment).  


This service provides reports from selected product and country case studies, and Tier 1 and 2 cities in China (e.g., export food demand drivers, models and forecast).     


 This service provides reports which relate to number of products and countries (e.g., top supermarkets and price lists).